Choosing the Best Furniture for Your Hotel or Guest House

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The priority when undertaking a guest room renovation is to choose the best hospitality furniture. Knowing what to look for in a hospitality furniture manufacturer will put minds at ease. The hospitality furniture in your hotel, restaurant or conference space gives visitors their first impression of your business. Many guests may base their initial opinions about the service they are going to receive on the hospitality furniture. Setting the tone for their visit, be it for dinner or a whole week of vacation, ranks as a high priority for companies in the hospitality industry. When a guest walks into their hotel room for the first time, their senses are on alert and three things happen almost simultaneously: How does the room smell? How does the room look? Are there any noise issues? Guests also determine pretty quickly whether or not the furniture aesthetically pleasing, and if so, does it look comfortable? Genuine products such as leather and wood is the perfect choice for creating a quality feel.

Determine what type of guests your boutique or large brand name hotel caters for. While many companies want to be inclusive to all demographics of people, certain restaurants and hotels may only want to draw in adults, children, people seeking luxury accommodations, eco-friendly and more. Choose hospitality furniture that brings in your desired clientele.

Hospitality seating must coincide with maximum occupancy. The highest number of occupants and the hospitality seating you choose must meet ADA requirements and fit precisely within your space. Plan for walkways and aisles when selecting the hospitality seating, tables, and other furniture.

OUHOUT MEUBELS offers hospitality furniture in a variety of collections to please different demographics of patrons. Our furniture designers and interior

designers will work together with you when selecting the hospitality furniture for your hotel, guest house, or restaurant.