Live better and healthier with wood

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Life has become so stressful, we barely have time for ourselves. We feel that we have to get away, to spend some time in nature, go camping or just get a weekend breakaway. Sure it is important, but our bodies are telling us our living or working environment is wrong. Recent research show that sick building syndrome can be countered by surrounding yourself with wood. Tests on the effect of wood on people’s emotions and physical reactions show that we humans react to touch and smell of wood in the same way as we do to being outside in nature.

Sure, but it is so expensive…

Not so! A solid wood item may cost a few Rands more than its pressed wood and melamine or metal and plastic counterpart, but consider the long term benefits. A screw in Kiaat or Black wood will sit there for many more years than in pressed wood. You will not have to replace it after 3 or 4 years, in fact your children will inherit that wooden furniture piece. Within 4 years you already have saved. Count that over 30 or 40 years and ad to that the health benefits and you will see how expensive it is to not buy solid wood and leather furniture!

Does your home reflect your personality?

Although OUHOUT MEUBELS carries the largest variety and stock of it’s unique kind of wooden and leather furniture, it still manufactures each piece individually and often custom made to the clients specifications. Your home is your living space, you should shape it around you!

Ouhout Meubels

OU HOUT MEUBELS had its humble beginnings when co-owners Piet and Stephan Smith (father and son team) started making racks from old Oregon Pine wood. That is also where the name originated. It was decided to keep the name because of its history and because the stores are already well established throughout the country, even after the corporate image was changed to keep up with the high end market it serves today.

OUHOUT MEUBELS translated is “old wood furniture” and the name is also relevant to the type of wood used. Most of the wood is recycled hard wood, which has gone through the processes of time.

Using old hard wood, is not only environmentally friendly, good for your health and beautiful with character, it delivers far superior quality furniture that will last hundreds of years.


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